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27 December
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As the world turns: the ups and downs of Eric and his (mis)adventures in life.

The rules I live my life by:
1) Trust in God, as difficult as it may be <-Probably the toughest one!
2) Care about others
3) Be honest
4) Don't live in the future or the past
5) Be able to forgive
6) Have good and true friends
7) Give everything you've got, no matter what you do
8) Do what you say you will, or don't say it at all
9) Don't become adiccted to or obsessed with anything, no matter what that may be.
10) No matter how hard I try, I can't change who I really am.

I survived both Hurricanes last year! Heck yeah! I rode them out right here in Melbourne, probably in the best place possible: with good friends and we only lost electricity for one hour during daylight, lost water for a couple of hours, never lost cable, and there was no significant damage to the house!

I go to Florida Tech and will graduate May '05. Hell yeah! I work at the United Way of Brevard. My official title is: Special Events Coordinator, but I do so much more... It's so awesome, because my collegues rock and I love what I do, plus I'm learning so much! But, I don't know what I'm doing after that though. Looks like grad school, but I don't know where yet... Anyway my real dream is to be a moviemaker... but, that's on the backburner right now... for now!

P.S. GO 'C-A-N-E-S, CANES!!!

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